H A P P Y  H O U R   M E N U                             M O N D A Y - F R I D A Y    3  P M  T O  5 P M

H A P P Y  H O U R   $ 7

B E V E R A G E S   $ 5

S A N D W I C H E S  

4  I N C H  -  $ 7

8  I N C H  -  $ 13

Porchetta & Provolone

roasted onion, arugula, sicilian dressing

Roasted Beet Patty Melt On Rye

aged cheddar, camembert, caramelized onions


Slow Roasted Chicken Breast

ceasar, asparagus, pecorino


Caramel Roasted Pork Bahn Mi

herbs, ginger pickled carrot, umami sauce


Chef’s Lamb Pastrami On Rye

secret sauce, pickled onions, coriander


* add a spring green salad ($5)

F R E S H   B A K E D   B R E A D S   $ 8

Levain / Wheat / Country Potato Leek

Chef’s Farro & Fava Bean Salad

goat cheese, pistachio, rhubarb dressing


Smoked Salmon & Citrus Salad

fennel, thai basil, mandarin-coriander dressing


Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad

ceasar, asparagus, pecorino cheese

Salt Craft Sampler

burrata / lamb pastrami / curried chickpea 



Eight Bridges Golden Nektar


B I G  S A L A D S   $ 1 6

D E S S E R T S   $ 5

Ginger & Molasses Cake

Popcorn Creme Brulee

Blueberry Lemon Galette

Verve Coffee - 1950s

Verve Cold Brew Coffee

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Iced Tea (slightly sweetened)

Brown Sugar Soda

Tea (green, earl grey, mint)

Nottingham Cellar Mimosa ($7)


Eight Bridges’ Golden Nektar

Altamont’s Maui Waui

Eight Bridges' Twisted Red Ale

Altamont’s Berry White Wheat



Sauvignon Blanc - 2015 Page Mills

Chardonnay - 2015 Nottingham Cellars

Grenache Blanc - 2015 Page Mills

Merlot- Retzlaff 2012


Rose- Retzlaff 2016

Merlot- Retzlaff 2012

GSM- Nottingham Cellars 2015

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Country Potato Leek Bread

baked fresh daily

Vegetable & Pesto Soup

pistachio pesto, bone broth

T A K E - O U T  F A M I L Y  M E A L   $ 7 5

Caesar Salad

spring greens, salt craft caesar dressing


Apricot Whole Chicken Bake

fennel, leeks, croutons



G I V E   T H E   G I F T   T H A T   K E E P S   G I V I N G  .  S A L T   C R A F T   G I F T   C A R D S .

Consumer advisory: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may

increase risk of foodborne illness especially if you have certain medical conditions

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